Thursday, 11 December 2014

In Which Industry Should I Make my Career?

“Every child is gifted, they just unwrap their packages at different times” – Anonymous

There are many things common to this world, some things that we don’t like to be associated with and the others that we love to be a part of, but the only thing each and every one of us would like to be known for is our childhood. They say that stumble, fall and move forward but never look back, but having said that, everybody wants to go back and re live their childhood. Talking so much about the early days, the only people that make this dream come alive are the two forms of god – our parents. The oldest Goddess we know of is our Mother and we all would love to go back to that tender womb and float for another 9 months as fearlessly as the wind blows. It is said that the grandfather and the grandson have a common enemy, which is the father. A father, who wishfully has to portray the antagonist, is indeed the guiding force behind all that we are and all that we tend to achieve. - helps in career decision - Helps in Career Decision
Slowly and gradually as we pass the phase and just join the ‘Gang of the Teenagers’, we enter a stage where we are forced onto a dilemma, A dilemma where the world wants to us become a certain kind and we have our own chain of thoughts. The world might want us to be the captain of the cricket team whereas we might have the simple plan to become a player who simply brings glory to the country come what may. Similarly, every student has a dream to become like somebody or pursue a profession which appeal to him. Interests varying from science, commerce, sports, arts and crafts, public speaking and so on and so forth are place in one platter and it is then for the student to decide and become the master of his own destiny. It is important to note here that teacher play a very crucial role in being our mentor, honing and polishing our skills along the way.
                   By the time one reaches high school, some students are lucky enough to be crystal clear in their thought process and chalk out their game plan for the coming future. On the other hand, most of students are still clueless about the industry they should pursue. One advice to all the students here is to not shy away from this important phase in life and just leave their fate hanging on a couple of marks. Good marks are important but good knowledge and education is the most important. Therefore, an advice to all the students at this tipping point is to follow their hearts and excel in whatever they are good at. Along with studying the routine study courses, we need to broaden our spectrum and be open to many other avenues because of the plethora of options available to us. Growth in industries like aeronautics, water management, environment studies have also widened the scope for students. India’s Mars mission is one example of changing times for the country and a welcome sign for students interested in space studies. Diseases like Ebola are on the rise every now and then and the country needs students who are willing to research on such things along with other environmental issues. Also, with the advent of ‘Make In India’, India’s manufacturing industry is set to thrive in the coming future and a lot of employment will be generated.

                   Sometimes, students fear to travel the path less travelled but success is guaranteed if a person always believes in oneself and one is bound to excel if he pursues whatever he is best at. Hardships will definitely follow but always remember that there is no sunrise without darkness and bad days are bound to followed by good days. So, people, go out in the wild, wear your heart on your sleeve, start expressing yourself, live your dreams, fear none but do  remember to strive and work hard, harder and hardest. 

By Team