Thursday, 9 April 2015

Bullied at Work? 5 Crucial Tips – Know How to Deal with it!

Bullying at workplace -
Yes, it’s unfortunate: You thought bullying ended with your student days little to realize that the scourge continues in your professional life! Bosses being nasty and exploitative as well as coworkers spreading malicious gossip and stealing your credit are common telltale signs. If unpleasant superiors and intimidating colleagues are making your workplace miserable, it’s time to redeem things straightaway. Here are five key suggestions to negate office bullying:

         1.       Make Attitudinal Adjustments

Modern offices are veritable simmering cauldrons marked by increasing workloads, tight deadlines, and high stress. These factors give office bullies added impetus to attack weak and dispirited employees. Hence, it pays to thoroughly question your basic work attitude. Do you unnecessarily allow other coworkers to harangue you? Can you develop stronger character and be firmer in your behavior and conversations? You will discover that the more positive, unyielding, and clearer you are in your actions, the more you will repel office bullies.

It is important, however, to temper this positive aggression with basic decency and workplace obedience. Also you would have to be more circumspect when bullying superiors are involved.

2.       Confront Prudently

If a workplace tormentor is holding sway anyway, you would do well to tackle the situation openly and transparently. The ensuing points are relevant in this regard:

  •            Speak to the bully face to face. This intimate approach, though daunting at first, is significantly more effective than mere telephoning or emailing.
  •            Let the person know your threshold of propriety and exactly what you’re uncomfortable with. For example, if the bully uses foul language to browbeat you, convey this objection loudly.
  •            Work out a compromise with the aggressor. Demarcate your work responsibilities in an enhanced manner, spell out how your future interactions would be, and outline remedies for forthcoming possible conflicts.

The above steps will go a long way in reversing the bullying situation.

3.       Collect Credible Evidence

Office bullies are notorious for targeting you latently and secretly to prevent public detection. Therefore you are strongly advised to record the bully’s actions thoroughly, documenting the time, place, and frequency of the violations. If possible and if laws permit, you can also covertly record your oppressor’s voice during the bullying. These measures will serve as valuable proof during negotiations with mediators.

4.       Approach Human Resources

The Human Resources department is formally entrusted with handling office clashes. Thus, seeking its assistance in ending the bullying is a good notion. If required, you can lodge an official complaint enclosing all the evidence you have gleaned. These moves are likely to result in mutual discussions with all parties and a formal censure of the bully leading to a happier workplace.

5.       Involve Others

Teaming up with other coworkers whom the bully may have oppressed will pay rich dividends. Your collective efforts will definitely frustrate the guilty person and terminate bullying permanently. For extreme cases, it would be sensible to seek aid from relatives, teachers, and counselors.

It’s conclusive - follow the above with zeal to deal with the bullying!

By Team