Tuesday, 5 May 2015

5 Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure and Moving Forward

Overcome Fear Of Failure and Move Forward
The scenario is natural and inevitable at the start of your career: The fear of professional failure, smoldering workplace tensions, and nagging bouts of self-doubt. It is imperative, however, that you recover quickly, defeat your apprehensions, and progress on your way to growth and development.  Easier said than done? Not really - here are five relatively easy strategies to get the same done:

Harbor a Positive Outlook

No question about it – nurturing sanguine thoughts is the top method to counter the fear of failure. Retaining an optimistic attitude banishes lurking-worries, boosts your self-confidence, and paves the way for assured actions. Know that no matter how intimidating circumstances seem, there will always be hope as long you remain buoyant and cheerful. Specific tactics in this regard include:

a)      Getting adequate sleep overnight and waking up with a smile.
b)      Practicing meditation and deep breathing to invoke and channelize positive sentiments.
c)       Interacting with enthusiastic and well-meaning people who support your career and aspirations.
d)      Being mentally agile and physically fit.

Critically Evaluate Failure

In conjunction with the above, you would also do well to judiciously analyze the nature of failure. Doing so will remove the trepidation's surrounding failure and even cause you to embrace it.   Remember that initial failure is virtually unavoidable in all spheres. In fact, failure has been the foundation on which many a flourishing career has been built. Hindrances and obstacles are known to galvanize people, strengthen their inner character, and propel them to triumph against all odds.Truly, failure is the stepping stone to success.

Possess Clear Objectives

Deciding what your true calling in life is a tricky affair what with a plethora of options and several people proffering free advice. The possibility of getting entrenched in the wrong career can elicit considerable fear. Realistic objective setting is the best technique to negate this fear. This entails analyzing your inherent traits, discovering what your genuine interests are, and prudently finalizing your ultimate career goals. Your objectives ought to be:

a)      Definite and unambiguous
b)      Attainable
c)      Relatively quantifiable
d)      Time-bound

Such objectives will considerably diminish your concerns and trigger you to energetically accomplish them.

Focus on Yourself

Quite often, fear is the outcome of unnecessarily comparing your life with others and not concentrating on your own competencies. You should realize that others have different targets and discrete proficiencies making any comparisons unfair and unwarranted. Therefore an ideal way to disband fear is to focus on your strengths and abilities all the while keeping a lookout for opportunities and threats. This approach will impel you forward with boosted self-belief.   

Have Alternative Plans

A superior technique of dismantling the fear of failure is to keep backup plans ready. By doing this, you will be assured of a fruitful course of action lest the current path goes awry. The security of the underlying alternative plans will go a long way in dispelling your failure apprehensions. 

Wishing you all the best in your endeavors!  

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