Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Passion Finder

There will be few people whom we know who do not like working. You also could be one among them. If you have any particular issue regarding the company you work then you have an easy solution in hand. Just find another company to work for. But if you are not satisfied with the work you do then you have an issue in hand which needs to be sort out. The quicker you do it, the better for your career. This happens when you are not passionate about your work. Let us take an example. Let us say a software engineer works technical associate job rather than the software engineer job which he / she actually has to take up basing on their qualification. That job of an associate will mean hardly more than earning salary. The passion for job will surely miss and in spite that person putting in 100 percent effort, the company can benefit but the individual will surely be at a mental loss. It does not mean to degrade the job of a technical associate. It is just not the job for that person. So to have a job satisfaction then passion finder is the way to go.

Not in all cases it is simple to find that you have no passion for your job. You might like your job and so might think this is your passion but these are quite different situations. You might find out some day that it is not where you want to be but it might be too late till then to shift your job. It is better you try to figure this out in the early stages of your career so that you have a scope to get a job where you will have no regrets when you finally retire. Simple way to find out is if you just like your job then that extra bit of effort, enjoyment of work will be missing. If you are not ready to put in extra working hours for your work with will then it can be an indication that you might need to change your work.

So as a process of passion finder, think about the work that you relish and do not include the aspect of earnings from that job. Take time and explore the possibilities of converting your passion into your work rather than compromising and choosing the best possible option you have. It might be quite difficult at times to go forward in that direction but still achieving success there will give you more joy and pleasure than taking any other compromising path. If that is your passion then you will feel that the effort is worth it. If you are yet to start your work then you have the golden time left in your hand to make your passion in your work. If that is not your field of expertise also, you can take time to gain knowledge in that field and begin your career there. The time you spend on such an aspect will never go in vain.