Saturday, 3 August 2013

How to Screen the Resume?

Got hell lot of resumes or cover pages to look at? Worried that you don’t have enough time to peek into every resume in the pile? Are you running short of time and getting worried probably because you have to make number of recruitments for the long day? Want to choose a perfect employee for your company and find some peace in doing so? Then here is the answer, resume screening! Resume screening gives you an opportunity to handle your responsibility with ease. Resume, which is nothing but a summary of your experiences and skills you possess, in relevance to the field of work or study that you wish to enter, is screened by most of the recruiters or hiring managers of various corporate offices, for an applicant with apt qualifications and good-to- have qualifications.

Let’s get into the details of “How to screen the resume?” resume screening is generally done by keeping few details in mind like apt qualifications, experience, work history, extra qualifications and skills. Make a check list of requirements for that particular job profile and proceed with the hunt for your perfect candidate. See that all the applications on your desk satisfy the requirements check list. Remove all those applications which fail in satisfying the requirements. Coming to the next step, sort all the applications under ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘may-be’ categories. Put all those people who absolutely satisfy all the requirements with some extra good qualifications for that profile. Later, all those who are not up to the mark go into the ‘no’ category. And those with qualifications and some extra skills can be put into ‘may be’ category. Now depending on number of candidates required for the recruitment, people can be categorized and placed accordingly. By this time you must have surely narrowed the list of number of applicants.

Coming to the third step of screening, give a point for the people with required qualifications and an extra point for those with extra qualifications. Then later on, rate each application by your checklist in both ‘yes’ and ‘may-be’ category and sum up for points at the end. Based on those points earned, you can screen the rest of them for that portal easily. Whoever scores well on the rate card put them into the final category of screening, according to the points earned by each. Lastly when you come to this category of final list, take second and look at the work history and experience of the candidates with good skills. Now here when you look into it precisely, eliminate people with bad work history records or say people who quit their jobs pretty frequently in short periods of time, gaps in employment, vague description of duties, grammar, etc, etc. Look out for the ones with a constant period of work history and skills.

Thus, after these levels of screening, you are sure to get a right candidate for that particular job portal. If you don’t find what exactly you are looking for, then see that you re- advertise for the same profile instead of choosing an unsatisfactory profile for your company. 

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