Sunday, 29 September 2013

Conquer your Fear of Rejection

There are few fears in each and every human being. Few fears such as losing something or getting rejected are quite common to many. Getting rejected could be in an interview or in any proposal or anywhere does hurt. Once this fear of rejection gets a toll of you then the next step you take is to avoid all the circumstances that will lead you to rejection. It could be in your personal life or in your career prospective; this fear can lead to disasters in your life. Conquer your fear of rejection is the way to progress in life.

Let us speak about getting rejected in an interview. Rejection is not just painful but also comes to your mind again and again. You might have many sleepless nights also. Sometimes the situation might not be too bad but only because you are rejected, the whole thing might look too big for you. It is the way you mentally deal with this situation is what finally matters. To forget all and move forward is very difficult thing to implement but this is the only way forward. It surely does take time and you will have to try till you can put out this rejection fear out of your mind. One of the best ways to conquer your fear of rejection is to learn from the mistakes you have committed in your previous interview. Even if you think logically, you have a fear because you doubt yourself of answering correctly and are low at confidence. The only way to clear your doubts and boost your confidence is to be better prepared this time.

Making sure you find right answers to the questions you have not answered correctly in previous interviews is the first step towards boosting your self-confidence. Rather than putting the question can I do it, ask why I can’t do it. It’s a difference of a single word but is capable of removing fear from anybody for sure. Seeing yourself in a mirror and saying this can help you even better at times.

Always remember there are two aspects when it comes to conquer your fear of rejection. One aspect deals with gaining better knowledge. The other aspect does deal with improving your self-belief. Combination of these two can only help you to come out of the fear of rejection. A positive thinking mind can also help you in many ways. Might be some better job is waiting for you. Thinking so will not let your morale fall down. Your success will only get sweeter if you achieve it after a failure. And another plus is you will not be afraid of failure as you have already tasted it. So seeing the positive side of rejection will do much good to you than just feeling that it is your failure. Thinking positive is good but this thinking should help you to work harder towards success and not make you complacent. This sought of change in your approach is the way to conquer your fear of rejection.