Sunday, 8 December 2013

Recruitment Skills

What are the skills required to get recruited? You might be very good at your technical but all of these can be showcased only after you get into a job. It is how you present your skills that impress the employers the most. For this the most important factor is your communication skill. You could be just average or above average at your technical but if it is backed up with good communication skills, you can still get that job. Even after you get a job, these skills play a crucial role in healthy growth of your career. When you attend an interview, you should know very well when to say a direct no and when try to find out an answer. For suppose you are asked to explain some concept which you have very little idea and you feel you are cannot present a proper answer then it is better to tell that you do not know than trying to cover up. But if you are asked to solve some puzzle which seems really hard to crack, you give it your best shot trying to answer rather than giving up before even trying.

Before even speaking about an interview, the job seeker has to clear a written exam. This is conducted by almost all the companies especially for recruiting a fresher. Most of the fresher job seekers miss out on a job not at an interview but at the written levels. So they will have to concentrate more on this aspect. These written exams may or may not have technical questions but will surely have aptitude related questions. So improving your aptitude levels is important. As these are time bound exams, you should be quick enough to answer as many questions as possible correctly. The next step is your interview.

For an experienced job seeker, you have to emphasize on the work you have done. Showing what all you have learnt from your previous work and how well you can handle any challenging situation in a right way has to be done. Do not give more negative reviews on your previous work place and stress on what all positives that came out. At the same time give a proper reason which does not stress more on negatives of previous place. This balancing act is necessary for a job seeker who has experience. Even when it comes negotiating your salary package, see that you do not get involved in any argument. If you do not like the package, negotiate to an extent and better reject the offer if you do not like it rather than making an argument.

You might have all the skills needed for a job but you should also find an opportunity. As registering in a job portal is completely free of cost, it is good to give it a try. Registerin a job portal that has numerous job seeker tools to help out the candidate to be better prepared to face this competitive world. Hence it is suggestible to any job seeker to register in such a job portal.

By Neelam Mestry