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5 Steps To Change Your Career - Career - Change
5 Steps To Change Your Career 
Let’s say we do a reality check: friends – great; kids – doing well; health – the mid riff could be a lot better (or should I say flatter) but overall good; Career – hmmm – not sure????

Well here’s the thing, when everything is just okay - it is not okay. Once you reach the mid-life milestone, and realize that there is more to life than having a steady paycheck;  this is when you stop to think of what is that you want from life and where do you think you are heading.
Ergo, if you are one of those who wants to trade your mundane desk job to chase your adventurous dream then here’s how you do it:

1. List out your ‘Whys’ 
Most often the answer to ‘how’ you go about something lies in the ‘why’ you want to change. So firstly, identify why you would want to change and your plan will automatically be laid out. For instance, let us say that you rreason to change is because you clinch at the very thought of writing boring code for software applications day in and day out. Your reason is boredom. How do you alleviate this monotony? Simple, list out the things that interest you and choose the one that you are really passionate about. For instance, Vinay Raghavan, a Hardware Specialist, in an IT firm quit his boring job to grow and nurture bonsai's. An unusual career, you might say, but that passion is what led him to make big bucks at an untapped market and what more, he is not ‘bored’ any more.

2. Chalk out a plan
When Boman Irani asked Priyanka Chopra on how she managed to achieve so much in life, right from becoming a model to Ms. World; growing into a successful actress and now a poet and singer with a chart busting album, she very humbly said that it just happened; that opportunities just came her way. Saying that, she also admitted that she had a plan and back-up plans, so if becoming ‘A’ didn't work out then she would need to work towards excelling at ‘B’. So if a 32 year old ‘Achiever’with an in-flow of successful career options has plans and back-up plans, then a 43 year old ‘Software Developer’ who has only known how to perform one task for most of his productive life, definitely needs a robust strategy before plunging into change.

3. Build a network of Business Contacts
The importance of networking cannot be stressed enough. Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. Merely adding a business card to your address book is not enough, building and nurturing relationships is key. Also, keep in mind that the least expected contact can bring you a world of opportunity. So, according to you, the chef that you met at the recent flea market that you attended, may not add any value to your ‘Interior Designing’ business. Well, it just so turns out, that his brother was remodelling his villa and because you invested the time in building a strong association with him, who do you think he called first!

4. Make an Informed decision
Pursuing one’s passion is a romantic ideal, but jumping into it just because you want to do it, can lead to frustration. Ideally once you have made your list of career options, chalk out the advantages and disadvantages of each. Take your time and research each subject in detail. Speak to your peers, or people in a similar business to gauge the nuances of starting such an enterprise. Determine the right path for you, only after fully weighing the pros and cons.

5.  Improve your skills
When you have decided on the path that you want to pursue, it would make sense to take weekend classes and get certified. Remember, people always trust a credible source, so investing in a course on ‘Social Media Marketing’ will only enhance your prospects on landing digital marketing deals from top firms.

Follow the steps above and take the road less travelled Un-flurried. Believe in yourself and remember it is never too late to change!

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