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Hard Talk :Jobseeker's Vs Recruiter's
Hard Talk: Jobseeker Vs Recruiter
Identifying the best candidates is the biggest challenge that any recruiter takes for sure as far as Jobs in India are considered. In contrast, it is left for the candidate to choose and get along with the most reliable employer where the career could be grown with ease. Remaining in a win-win situation is something that is needed for the prospects for sure. Perhaps, it is necessary that you learn more about the kind of dialogue that commonly takes place a recruiter and job seeker such as the one given below:

Recruiter: Hello!
Job seeker: Hello!
Recruiter: Could you introduce yourself?
Job seeker: My name is ‘X’. I hail from ‘Y’ and have completed my degree in Computers. I have ‘n’ years of experience in managing computer security with ample ease.
Recruiter: It seems that you are employed in a prestigious company already. Any specific reasons to quit the company.
Job seeker: I am looking for better employment opportunities. My current pay package in the firm will not be able to serve my purpose and I cannot handle my future requirements.
Recruiter: How do justify your selection in the organization?
Job seeker: Given an opportunity to work in this organization, I will perform to the best of my abilities. My communication skills of getting along amicably with one and all will be one of the best assets that I got.
Recruiter: You look very promising. We consider you for our organization. Would you like to say anything else?
Job seeker: I am very grateful to you for selecting me for the key post. I will retain the company values and work towards further success of the organization.
Recruiter: Congratulations!
Job seeker: Thank you!

The above dialogue normally takes place between an employer or recruiter and the job seeker in general. However, there are situations during which the outcome is never positive always. The recruiter feels that somehow the candidate is not fit for the job applied. Also, there might be more than one candidate for the top job. Taking a crucial decision in this regard without hurting anyone emotionally is one of the biggest challenges experienced by the recruiters in general. Learning about the process of recruitment by focusing upon all additional features in detail will help the recruiter in getting the best results for the firm in an exact manner as desired.

Meanwhile, the job seeker must understand the ways to approach the interview board. Casual way of answering and shoddy body language need to be avoided for sure. Proper grooming physically and mentally is necessary in order to impress the interviewer for sure. Perhaps, this proactive approach will help in getting the right job opportunity that the candidate has been eagerly looking for. Also, maximum care has to be taken in detailing about CTC, job profile and key skills as the recruiters are more interested in such aspects. Referring to the common interview questions that are available online with respect to freshers and experienced professionals before and after Job Posting will prove to be most effective as well  

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