Friday, 23 January 2015

New Year Resolutions – Time to Make Your Career Your Priority!

New Year is the time for new resolutions, and these allow a person to make a fresh start or improve things that exist. One of the most important aspects of an individual’s life is their professional career. Career is a product of several factors, and therefore it is essential for you to choose the right career path to achieve your goals. New Year, therefore, is the right time to analyse the current status of your career and set new objectives.

To achieve success in one’s career, it is important to understand the few basic aspects that facilitate its advancement. These include further development of existing skills, learning new skills and networking. Development of skills and learning new skills determine the level of dexterity at which an individual is able to perform in their chosen profession. However, it is equally important to get the right opportunities to succeed. Opportunities can also be termed as being at the right place at the right time, and with the right people.

Why is Networking Crucial?
Networking plays a significant role in this regard. Throughout professional lives, people work with several people and develop cordial relations with many of them. Successful professionals not only develop good relationships but also maintain these relationships. This helps them climb the career ladder faster than others and achieve targeted goals.
The essence of networking is to ensure that the people are contacted often and it is ensured that whenever an opportunity arises, you should be the first person that comes to their mind. To develop your social and professional network, you need to stay in contact with people who can help you advance your career further. Networking ensures that you are identified by these people as a potential candidate in case any opportunity arises.

So What Should Be Your New Year’s Goals?
New Year’s resolution for your therefore must be set higher goals for your career and develop strategies to achieve these objectives. Developing and learning new skills certainly play a vital role, but networking plays the most important role. These factors ensure that you achieve success in your career in the right manner. Professional success is not a matter of luck; it requires perseverance and efforts. Right and meticulous planning, persistent efforts, focused execution and right approach determine professional success.

Successful professionals follow these principles and act accordingly. Your new year’s resolution should be to make your career the priority and ensure that you stick to your plans till the time your goals are achieved.